Testi What's your travel personality? löytyi Saralta.


You have an enquiring mind and a thirst for knowledge. You travel to discover more about the world and its fascinating and diverse cultures. Your house is filled with books and curios collected on your travels and it's no surprise that you are a very popular dinner party guest.

You enjoy visiting museums and galleries and exploring the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, or the pyramids in Egypt. You love history tours and educational cruises with guest lecturers or observing the local wildlife of Africa or Alaska. You take time of meet new people, learn their language and immerse yourself in their culture.

Tämä tulos ei kyllä ollut mikään yllätys, täytyy myöntää ;) Tosin tuo "dinner party" -osuus ei ihan taida paikkaansa pitää...  Eipä  miedän piireissä paljon sellaisia edes  harrasteta.