Jaa, vai että ihan keijukainen. Hihih! Just :D Testaa yliluonnollisuutesi täällä (tyttöjen testi).

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        What Supernatural Being are You (the girl version )?   
You are:  A FaerieYou embody a dangerous combination of curiosity and mischief, which you exhibit while entertaining yourself by creating trouble for others.  You are the kind of girl that will create an uncomfortable situation simply to sit back and watch others as they try to resolve or ignore the issues that you've instigated, almost like a puppet master.  There is no evil in your heart, however; for when your trickery has gone too far, you will come clean in order to rectify the situation so that those who matter to you won't get hurt.  You like to flirt with boys, especially the taken ones.  You are impossible to tame or control, which is why guys find you so appealing.
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